Infant and Toddler

Infant Care

Caterpillar Room

2 months to 15 months; Imagination Station on Coolspring Avenue

Early Childhood Education Infant & Toddler Care

The Infant Care program welcomes little ones from six weeks to “first steps”. We recognize that it is often difficult for parents to return to work after the birth of their newborn. That's why our nurturing staff makes the transition as smooth as possible with:

  • Implementation of the Continuity of Care model, which increases the amount of time caregivers and children spend together and therefore increases the opportunity for caregivers to develop more meaningful relationships with the children over time.
  • Communicating and recording details of the child’s day
  • Welcoming parents to “look in” on baby at any time
  • Maintaining a comfortable area for breastfeeding moms and babies
  • Providing infants with a safe, loving environment
  • Balancing quiet, restful time with appropriately stimulating activities
  • Providing individualized, weekly lesson plans focused on the child’s development

Our Infant Staff

At Imagination Station, we maintain a ratio three caregivers to every eight infants. Our program is lead by our Master teacher, Stephany, who has 14 years experience in our center and a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Our infant room has a teacher assistant, equipped with a CDA Certification as well as an additional aide, in order to have three caregivers for every eight babies.

This allows our staff to spend more time developing meaningful relationships through quality interactions with each child. The result is an infant childcare program that is a truly wonderful place to grow!

Stephany Sardon

Master Lead Teacher
Bachelor's in early Childhood Education | Since 2008



16 months to 29 months; Imagination Station on Coolspring Avenue

As our an infants advance from first  steps to toddling around and climbing small structures, as they begin eating solid food confidently, as they follow a predictable routine and adhere to a “1-nap a day” schedule, they are transitioned to the Dandelion Room.  There, three highly qualified caregivers engage ten toddlers in a wide variety of activities including blocks, chunky books, stacking cups, stories, climbing, painting, sensory, singing, and dancing. The warm, gentle care provided by the staff keeps the children clean, safe, stimulated and eager to learn.

Language and self-awareness blossom in a toddler's second year of life. Mobility vastly improves and the child's curiosity awakens. It compels the toddler to investigate spatial concepts as well as fine motor skills. Two-year-old’s also begin to develop meaningful friendships.

Each day is filled with art and sensory experiences, stories, circle time, small and large muscle activities, and opportunities to develop social skills. Special low-to-the-ground toilets and sinks for hand washing make the challenges of self-care more manageable, while helping the toddlers to foster independence.

Our Toddler Staff

Sherita Gearing

Co-Lead Teacher
Bachelor's degree | Since 2022

Olivia Mota

Co-Lead Teacher
Bachelor's degree | Since 2022

Our Locations

Imagination Station

Located in the heart of the Edgewood Neighborhood in Michigan City.

Head Start

Niemann School; Home of Head Start of LaPorte County

Head Start

Bethany Lutheran Church; Home of Head Start of LaPorte County

All Sites Are Equipped With

  • Closed circuit monitoring of every room
  • Secured entry system
  • Radio Communication System
  • One-touch emergency call buttons
  • Strict adherence to licensing, health, and fire regulations
  • ADA accessible and developmentally appropriate fenced-in playgrounds
  • Comprehensive staff training on safety drills, emergency procedures, and active supervision.

Ready to Help?

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