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What Others Are Saying...

"The staff are very caring and attentive to my daughter's needs. Her participation in Paladin's services and activities has helped with her verbal expression, improved her moods and quality of life and given her purpose."



"My son's job coach helped him find a job that he loves and thrives at. She has worked with him and his supervisor and they love him there."



"It's been a great experience and the staff are awesome in every way."


Paladin's Early Childhood Education Programs

Early Childhood Programs

Imagination Station & Head Start

Your child deserves the highest quality of care. At our center, we use a Reggio-Emilia inspired approach, in which our learning experiences are based on children's interests. In addition to academic skills, children develop emotional literacy and social navigation skills that will allow them to succeed in their educational careers and in life.

Where We Serve

Paladin is currently approved to provide services in the following counties; LaPorte, Lake, Jasper, Newton, Porter, Pulaski, St. Joseph and Starke. Take a look at the impact we are having!

Day Service Centers

Day Service Centers total served:

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Lake County


Respite & PAC

Respite & PAC total served:

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Residential totals served:
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Porter County



Supported Employment:

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2021 Fundraising Campaign

Our programs are expanding as the list of those needing assistance is continuing to grow. Your donation ensures that our programs keep running for those who are in need in our local communities.

In our Adult Developmental Activities (ADA) program, we provide services for numerous individuals whose primary needs are developmental in nature. In this program, our consumers learn not only adult daily living skills such as hand washing and tooth brushing, but communication, socialization, and leisure skills as well. We pride ourselves in addressing the needs of the ‘whole individual.’

Many of our clients display evidence of sensory integration deficits, meaning that when sensory input is not processed properly, their responses are often inappropriate. Historically, many behaviors inherent to those in the severe and profound range, such as self-stimulatory actions or physical aggression, have been considered maladaptive. We now know, however, that often these behaviors are not physiological at all, but rather indicators of these deficits.

Community based habilitation (offers individual or in a group setting) and services provided outside of the participants home that support learning and assistance in the areas; self-care, sensory/motor development, socialization, daily living skills, communication, community living, and social skills. Community based activities are intended to build relationships and natural supports.

The Creative Concepts (Art Program) focuses on stimulating the creative spirt. It has been recognized as a way of enhancing self-confidence, teaching problem solving skills, fostering relaxation, and encouraging self-expression. Paladin’s Creative Concepts program does all of that and more. Our participants learn everything from parameters of the graphic art to advance glass fusing in our large kiln. Classes have been given using various media, in drawing, painting, sculpting, fabric art, jewelry making, floral arrangements, furniture painting, mosaics and glass fusing.

Employment Services works with the State's Vocational Rehabilitation Services to support individuals with disabilities as they seek employment in the community. This is achieved by meeting with the individual's team (which includes the individual, the individual's natural supports and Employment Services staff) to develop a person-centered strategic action plan which focuses on the individual's life goals. The team identifies strengths, preferences, interests, support needs, desired vocational objective and employment environment. Our staff implements the plan for job seeking and placement. Employment Services provides on-site training and continued support once our consumer is established in his/her job duties.

After successful placement, we offer supported employment follow along services, if necessary. Follow along services provide our consumers with additional support to be successful in their employment.

Residential Habilitation Services (RHS) provide up to a full day (24-hour basis) of services and/or supports which are designed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the participant, and assist in the acquisition, improvement, and retention of skills necessary to support participants to live successfully in their own homes. RHS includes direct supervision, monitoring and training to implement the Individualized Support Plan (ISP) outcomes for the participant through the following:

  • Assistance with personal care, meals, shopping, errands, chore and leisure activities and transportation (excluding transportation that is covered under the Medicaid State Plan)
  • Coordination and facilitation of medical and non-medical services to meet healthcare needs, including physician consults, medications, development and oversight of a health plan, utilization of available supports in a cost effective manner and maintenance of each participant’s health record
  • Assurance that direct service staff are aware and active with individuals in the development and implementation of their ISP, Behavior Support Plans and Risk Plans

Our Intermediate Care Facilities are tailored to adults with intellectual disabilities who would benefit from the 24-hour supervision of direct support professionals. They reside in one of our four group homes specially-designed to emphasize a comfortable homelike atmosphere. Our homes are within the LaPorte and Michigan City communities, with access to all the services the cities provide.

Our individuals have the potential to achieve maximum independence in all aspects of their lives. Each individual can grow into their own unique self and make decisions based on personal preferences and individual desires. The trained staff develop individual care plans to work on the needs of each individual, set at a pace where they can succeed. They are able to share common interests with their peers and make lasting friendships. The individuals we serve participate in a variety of recreational activities in the home as well the community. Such activities include: bowling, Special Olympics, going to movies, going out to eat, visiting the museums in Chicago, etc. These are just a few examples of how Paladin involves our individuals to develop a rich and meaningful life, along with developing meaningful relationships.

Respite Services provides a wide variety of leisure and learning activities while family members who care for a person with disabilities at home can take a short break or even a long awaited vacation. This is a service that can be paid for through your Medicaid Waiver or a private pay contract. Respite services can be provided in the family home, community or at the respite house. The respite home in LaPorte County is 100% wheelchair accessible, it has a full safety systems in place including alarms, fire suppression. It is located in town and close to every day conveniences (it is literally across the street from a bowling alley)--it is truly the safest, most accessible and most convenient Respite Home in Northern Indiana!

Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) Services are provided in order to allow participants with intellectual/developmental disabilities to remain and live successfully in their own homes, function and participate in their communities and avoid institutionalization. PAC services support and enable the participant in activities of daily living, self-care, and mobility with the hands-on assistance, prompting, reminders, supervision and monitoring needed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the participant.

Services Provided for Persons with Disabilities

Our mission at Paladin is to serve as determined advocates for children, persons with disabilities, seniors and their families to provide supports and opportunities to learn, grow and enjoy a meaningful life.

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