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There are many compelling and cost-effective reasons for employing a person with developmental disabilities. However, no factors is more convincing to an employer than the personal qualities that the individual with a disability brings to the employment setting. Time and time again, employers indicate that individuals with developmental disabilities are committed and dedicated workers who possess a strong desire not only to succeed in their jobs, but also to advance in their careers. Our experience includes numerous examples that show individuals with developmental disabilities as productive, dedicated, and responsible employees.

If you have hiring responsibilities at your workplace, be on the lookout for job opportunities that would be appropriate for a developmentally-disabled employee. Good options include (but are not limited to) photocopy operators, data entry clerks, maintenance staff, mail clerks, factory workers, messengers, cooks, hospital attendants, and laundry workers. Paladin always has a pool of qualified persons seeking full- and part-time employment.