Health and Disability Services

Health Screenings and Immunizations

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Hearing Exams for Head Start Children

Your child will receive a hearing exam upon entry into the program within the first 45 days of the first day of school. Your child will be re-screened should an issue be noted by either the parent or teacher.  If they fail that exam, we’ll refer him/her to a hearing specialist for a professional evaluation. You will be asked to provide documentation of that evaluation and treatment plan (if applicable) to us no later than (5) days after the evaluation.

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Vision Screenings for Head Start Children

Your child will receive a vision screening within the first 45 days of the first day of school. If your child fails this test, you will be given a list of eye doctors for a professional evaluation. You will be asked to provide documentation of the evaluation and treatment plan (if applicable) no later than (5) days after the evaluation.

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Hemoglobin Test for Head Start Children

Your doctor should provide a hemoglobin screening during your child’s physical exam to check for anemia, or low iron levels.  If not, we’ll provide a hemoglobin screening, which does not require your child to be stuck with a needle. 

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Lead Test for Head Start Children

Upon entry into the program, you must provide results of a lead test, which can be obtained through your child’s physician or the La Porte County Health Dept. If you need assistance in obtaining a lead screening, please contact our Health Services Department.

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Immunizations for Head Start & Imagination Station Children

We require a current immunization record for your child during the application process.  If your child is not up-to-date, your child’s doctor will create a plan to get your child on track, and we need to have a copy of that plan.

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Physical Exam for Head Start and Imagination Station Children

We require a copy of your child’s physical examination at enrollment.  The examination must provide details of all information on our physical form, and is required to be updated annually.  We recommend that you make an appointment with your child’s physician at least (1) month before the exam expires. The exam must have the printed name of the physician as well as a signature and date that the exam was completed. We encourage families to find a “medical home,” or a regular doctor who can see your child for regular well-child exams as well as for illnesses or injuries. If you need help finding a medical home, please contact your main office and we will assist you.

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Dental Exam for Head Start Children

We require a completed dental exam report within 45 days of the first day of school. If your child requires treatment, you must also provide documentation of the treatment or appointment for treatment within 5 days of the dental visit.

Although dental exam reports are valid for one year, we recommend dental check-ups every six months.  We encourage families to find a “dental home,” or a dentist who can attend to your child’s dental needs on a regular basis. If you need help finding a dental home, please contact your main office and we will assist you.

Disability Services

Paladin, Inc. is here to help identify children with special needs and make sure that they receive any services that they need. All children are screened within 45 days after their first day of school.  We proudly partner with First Steps and with families to help children transition into our programs. We encourage parents/ guardians to notify their child’s teacher or Family Advocate if they believe their child may have a disability of any kind.

When a screening shows a developmental concern, you will be contacted to discuss evaluations and other services. In designing an individualized plan, we may refer your child for outside support services or developmental evaluation. Our team will help you through this process.

Evaluations by specialists will determine if your child needs additional services. A meeting with the parent/guardian, specialists, teachers, and an administrator or support staff will take place to discuss the results and the best way to help your child succeed.

Our Locations

Imagination Station

Located in the heart of the Edgewood Neighborhood in Michigan City.

Head Start

Niemann School; Home of Head Start of LaPorte County

Head Start

Bethany Lutheran Church; Home of Head Start of LaPorte County

All Sites Are Equipped With

  • Closed circuit monitoring of every room
  • Secured entry system
  • Radio Communication System
  • One-touch emergency call buttons
  • Strict adherence to licensing, health, and fire regulations
  • ADA accessible and developmentally appropriate fenced-in playgrounds
  • Comprehensive staff training on safety drills, emergency procedures, and active supervision.

Ready to Help?

With your gift, Paladin will continue our work to protect the rights of all children and people with disabilities. Together, we can prepare young children and give them the strongest start on the path to college or a career.