Shoutout to Allistair!

Allistair, a recent graduate of Chesterton High School, has been receiving behavior management support from Paladin, alongside Jenna Conklin. Not only did he complete his high school education this year, but he also achieved a significant milestone by co-authoring a book with Jenna entitled “Me and My Behaviorist,” which has been successfully published. The book has gained popularity and is utilized in both his school and other schools to effectively deescalate behaviors and teach valuable coping skills. In addition to his academic pursuits, Allistair actively participated in the Chesterton Unified Track team. Throughout his high school years, he worked at Culvers, and now as he transitions into adulthood, he is embarking on a new journey by joining Vocational Rehab to explore and find a career path that aligns with his passions and interests.