Paladin Clinician Recognition – Sarah Jean Addison

Meet Sarah Jean Addison, MS, BC II – who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Pensacola Christian College and a Master’s degree in Special Education from Liberty University. She maintained an impressive 3.7 GPA, which was a significant milestone for her. Her passion for helping others achieve their personal goals and live a better life is what drives her to excel in her job. Her dedication to her work has also led to numerous success stories in her individuals’ lives.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys traveling and has already visited 11 countries, with plans for more adventures in the future. She also indulges in hobbies such as jigsaw puzzles, art classes, and cooking.

Sarah’s love for helping others is evident in her work and personal life. She serves as an inspiration to her individuals, and her dedication to her job is truly admirable.