Paladin Clinician Recognition – Jenna Conklin

Jenna Conklin has made it her life’s mission to guide individuals through personal challenges, provide comfort during emotional burdens, and empower them to achieve a fulfilling quality of life. With her extensive credentials and unwavering commitment to her clients, Jenna has become a trusted professional in her field.

Jenna’s educational journey began at Purdue University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, laying the foundation for her future career. She then pursued her passion for helping others by pursuing a Masters of Social Work from Indiana University, graduating with Honors and earning a place in the prestigious Phi Alpha Honor Society for being among the top 20% of her class.

Driven by a deep sense of purpose, Jenna is genuinely passionate about her work as a therapist. She relishes the opportunity to connect with people on a genuine level, going beyond superficial interactions to truly understand their thoughts, motivations, and behaviors. In a world that often prioritizes technology over face-to-face conversations, Jenna believes in the power of authentic, therapeutic dialogue to provide individuals with a safe sanctuary to express their most vulnerable emotions.

Jenna’s motivation extends beyond her direct work with individuals. She also takes pride in coaching and educating fellow clinicians in Northwest Indiana, helping them reach their full potential. Additionally, Jenna has been instrumental in the successful launch of the Behavior Management program with Paladin, where she has witnessed clinicians grow into their best selves while assisting clients in developing essential emotional regulation skills.

Throughout her career, Jenna has achieved notable accomplishments that highlight her dedication and expertise. Her induction into the Phi Alpha Honor Society is a testament to her academic excellence and commitment to her field. In recognition of her contributions to the field of behavior consulting, Jenna received the Person’s Pursuit Towards Self-Reliance Award from the Indiana Association of Behavior Consultants (IN-ABC), a significant honor voted on by her peers.

Jenna’s professional journey also includes acquiring several important credentials. She became a Licensed Social Worker in March 2023, affirming her expertise and adherence to professional standards. In 2019, she obtained the designation of Registered Behavior Consultant, further enhancing her ability to assist individuals in overcoming behavioral challenges. Additionally, Jenna has been an active member of the Human Rights Committee since 2020, advocating for the rights and well-being of those she serves. Her ongoing Infant Mental Health Endorsement demonstrates her commitment to providing comprehensive care to individuals from an early age.

Outside of her rewarding career, Jenna finds joy and fulfillment in spending quality time with her loved ones. Her family, consisting of her husband, their energetic toddler, and their beloved puggle, bring balance and happiness to her life.