Chamber Floor of the Senate: Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

We are delighted to report that we had the privilege of being present on the Chamber Floor of the Senate, as part of Senator Bohacek’s Resolution commemorating World Down Syndrome Day. During this momentous occasion, we had the honor of meeting with Governor Holcomb, Representative Pressel, and Senator Taylor, who graciously provided us with pins to commemorate the event. Additionally, we had the opportunity to hear Senator Breaux’s insightful comments and took a tour of the Senate.

As an organization dedicated to raising awareness about Trisomy 21 (T21) and advocating for individuals with Down Syndrome, we were proud to participate in this event and spread awareness about T21 on 3/21. We are grateful to Senator Bohacek for recognizing the importance of this day and to all those who worked to make this event possible.